My friends’ son has wanted to sit in church during the service lately, rather than play in the nursery. He’s nearly three. He’s pretty good about sitting there and following along, minus a few distractions here and there, but hey, even the adults have those.

photo-6I remember being probably 4 or 5 years old, and because we had my younger sister who would be in the nursery, which was attached to the kid zone at my childhood church, I was usually allowed to go spend time in the kid zone even though I was plenty old enough to behave myself with the adults. In this season when I could flip flop between the worlds I learned to enjoy the structure of the grown up world upstairs because the adults got to listen to stories and learn a lesson.  At the same time, there was just something about the welcome of the kid zone that was such a relief. I didn’t have to focus, pay attention, concentrate on whispering, or sit up straight. Walking into that warm, multi-colored room on the lower level was so inviting that I remember that feeling of instant bliss to this day.

As adults, we flip flop between striving and being ourselves, between pushing further and stopping to relax. We measure progress and keep our eyes on the prize. We spend time “upstairs” with the big kids.

We walk in and out of many rooms in life, and while we can’t help but push boundaries, there’s something to be said for walking into a room where you’re instantly allowed to just be yourself, exactly as you are, today.

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