photo-2I attended a class a couple years ago with master metalsmith Valentin Yotkov, who generously taught great metal workers alongside novices like myself the art of chasing and repousse. It’s a skill that you can practice your entire life long and still need more practice at doing. It’s also an art that can be done beautifully even with beginner’s mistakes—especially with a master like Val around to fix many of the mistakes.

photo-3It was a week-long class with hammer, a pitch bowl, some handmade tools, and a slice of copper. I think about how many weeks there are in a year, and how many years I’ve been walking the Earth, and how, in just one of them, my perspective on art and design was forever altered for the better. I now look for designs in everything, and wonder, “Can I chase that?”

One week did all that. Just think how many minutes there are.

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