Like most kids, I loved to play hide and seek when I was little. I remember one day at my babysitter’s house wanting to play yet another round with my cousin Pam when she finally put her foot down.

“Not again,” she said. “All you do is run to the next room and cover your eyes. You’re not hiding.”

Pam was a few years older than me and I looked up to her, but even that didn’t make me believe her. I ran into the next room and I stood against the wall and put my hands over my eyes. I heard her come in.

“You’re standing right there with your hands over your eyes. I can see you,” she said.

Doubtful, I peeked through my fingers and saw her looking right in my direction.

When she left the room, I covered and uncovered my eyes and I thought about what she could see and not see. And suddenly I knew she was right. And it changed everything I knew about my place in the world, because it meant I had one.

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