teaAt a tea demonstration with my fellow coworkers today, we were told a story of a family who started coming to the tea shop back when it first opened. They bought tea, then later an infuser and strainer, then eventually ordered their own complete tea setup, the works.

One day in the store, the husband pulled one of the owners of the tea shop aside and said, “I just have to tell you that because of this store, our mornings have completely changed.”

The man then explained, “We’d make coffee, one of us would sip it at the counter, another at the table, we’d read the paper or a book, the kids would be in the next room on their tablets or watching TV,” the husband said.  “Now, we all gather around the tea pot together, and we talk.”

All because of the tea.

Imagine something so small having such a big impact.

It really is the little things.  Thanks, everyone, at Mandala Tea.

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