photoOn my last day at my part time job, my coworkers hug me and wish me well. And then Cheryl says, “Dawn, do you have something you want to tell Jody?”

They both laugh.

“No, Dawn manages to say.” They keep laughing.

The phone rings, and Cheryl runs to get it.

“Well, okay,” Dawn says. “I wasn’t going to say anything, but you know those paper clips in your drawer that Stacey keeps screwing up?”

“Yes,” I say, tenuously. “I just showed them to you last week. You know I’m not the one messing them up.”

“It’s me,” Dawn says. “I’ve been messing them up.”

“What?” I don’t believe what I’m hearing. “I thought it was Stacey!”

Dawn keeps laughing. “I know! And she blames it on you when you’re not here! Ever since your first day when she told you how to arrange them in the drawer, it was too tempting to pass up.”

“I’ve worked here for ten months!” I point out.

“Me the whole time,” she says.

“The subterfuge I’ve worked under!”

Cheryl comes back in, laughing.

“You two are so bad,” I say. “I’m telling Stacey.”

“Oh, please don’t,” Cheryl says.

“No, let us have this,” Dawn says.

I agree. (I never say I won’t blog about it, but I agree not to tell Stacey.)

In the eleventh hour, the truth comes out.

…I’m going to miss those girls.

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