photo-3Yesterday I arrived early for work and the building was still locked, so I decided to take a walk around the block. I started off at a good clip, powering around the first corner and checking out all the early morning street activity. All the local businesses were setting up for the weekly summer street fair. I dreaded the next corner, as it would leave me facing the sun for an entire block, but I didn’t change my path. Sunglasses back on, it wasn’t so bad at all. Next turn, listening to traffic of Broadway, I anchored the sunglasses on top of my head, sipped my tea from my travel mug, and looked up at the building tops. Halfway down the block, though, my pace slowed, without much thinking on my part. I went with it.

And I suddenly realized: I know who I am. And I know where I’m going.

It was a thought that washed over me like a cool, comfortable wave.

Mind you, I have no idea what will happen next. But I know who I am. And I know where I’m going.

My first book, Upside Down Kingdom, is available on Amazon. I’ll sign it for you.