photo-5Yesterday I went on a fast car ride in my friends’ Lotus. They reminded me via the blog comments that we hadn’t done that yet, and needed to hop to it before I leave town today. Thus, we made it so.

Getting in and out was unlike any other car. Getting in was like putting on a glove. Getting out, there are vertical grips on the back of the seats that you use to first lift yourself up then out.

“You don’t get in this car,” my friend Mike said. “You put it on.”

We zoomed along the side streets and country roads faster than a speeding bullet. (Okay, not literally. Speeding bullets have been calculated to travel around 1400 mph.) But we went fast. And I know he was taking it easy on me because I’m a nervous Nellie. Too many high-speed traffic moments in D.C. seem to have ruined my sense of vehicular adventure. But in all the maneuvers and turns, the Lotus, nicknamed Elise, never lost traction. She make changes very quickly, speeding up and slowing down happened in an instant. At times, it was absolutely terrifying. At other times, marvelous and stunning.

“What do you think?” Mike asked me after one particularly clever turn.

“That would have flipped my Jeep,” I said.

“Oh, yeah!” he agreed.

With everything going on lately, with goodbyes and wrap-up lists and chores, I hadn’t had much in the way of an appetite all day. After Elise, I was suddenly ravenous. The experience literally blew the dust off of me, and jumpstarted me back to the land of living life to the Nth degree.

Thank you, Mike and Ann, for sharing the gusto!

My first book, Upside Down Kingdom, is available on Amazon. I’ll sign it for you.