photo-6This has been one topsy-turvy month!

I have one foot in Minnesota, one in Pennsylvania, and I’m truly feeling between worlds. (Or perhaps, other worldly?)

Feeling this way, and as an emotive writer, it all comes out in the wording. This month brought out stories from home with Gathering Crumbs, Retreat, Volumes, Known & Unknown, Having a Place, and the apt Flip Flopping Between Worlds.

I’m seeing a theme of things kept: what’s kept, why they’re worth keeping, and friendships that last. There was only one poem this month, Out of Minerals. And two on road trips: Marshmallow Fields, and Mr. R. Sullivan.

I really enjoyed writing Gathering Crumbs. That’s a story that I’ve held on to over the years. Keeping it light was a treat.

My favorite this month, though, was Mr. R. Sullivan. He’s a whole story in himself, and I can’t wait to enlist the help of my nearly 3-year-old nephew to build the story for Mr. R. Sullivan.

Thank you for all of your amazing comments, and your laments and well-wishes for my Minnesota departure and my next big adventure. I’ll see you all here tomorrow, live from ‘da Burgh.

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