photo-2The afternoon was filled with family, close friends, and a very happy three-year-old who got to open gifts, eat a great lunch filled with his favorite things: grilled hot dogs, homemade macaroni and cheese, and Capri Sun, and, of course, cake. The theme was Cars, because he loves the movie, and the cake had Mater and Lightning McQueen on it. His gifts consisted of his own copies of his favorite bedtime books that he’s been borrowing from the library, trucks, a T-ball set, and some “food” he can make in his beloved kiddie kitchen.

After cake, he picked up the trucks and said, “Let’s try these out, in the dirt.” So we did. Then he led us through trying out all of his gifts, one after the other.

It was a day tailored all around him, filled with his favorite things and with people who love him, which made me think: As we get older, why did we ever stop doing this?

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