photo-3In a speech, author Liz Murray said something along the lines of having three interviews one day: one interview at the Welfare Office, one for a New York Times scholarship, and one at Harvard. She got the scholarship. Harvard admitted her. Welfare turned her down. Just before the speech, she’d signed her book for me. She signed, “Reach for the stars.” She even drew the stars.

Neil Gaiman wrote his tagline in the book I asked him to sign for my friend Patrick, “Believe.”

Receiving the book, my friend Patrick said, “Whatever you do, don’t get a day job. Write, Jody. Write, write, write!”

At the Minneapolis showing of Serenity, Captain Reynolds says, “I aim to misbehave.”

At a concert, Gaelic Storm sings out, “To all you saints and sinners, you losers and you winners, here’s to one more day above the roses…”

Taken separately, these events are inspiring: strive, dare, work hard, think outside the box, celebrate life. Taken together, the way a writer would, they’re a life-altering roadmap.

Drive on.

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