photo-2My thoughts are circling today, making connections where previously there were none. It’s a good sign: The mind is getting itself ready to write another book.

Here’s the last hour of my brain. It began with peeling eggs.

When I was little, I saw a TV show about a kid learning to peel hard-boiled eggs. It was an Easter special. The kid is told that to peel the egg in one try, with one long strand of shell, is to be an expert. Of course the kid peels his very first Easter egg in one fell swoop, and delightfully says, “Look, I’m an expert.”

I think of that show every time I peel eggs. And today I finally did it, peeled the shell from an egg in one fell swoop. In fact, I managed it three times.

Do I feel like an expert? Nope. Oh, I’m pleased with myself, certainly.

But there are skills that take decades and decades of practice and failure, trial and error, and lots of getting back up on that horse for one more try. These are the moments, like when a gymnast falls, unhurt, and gets back up to power through the move one more time in order to scare the fright away, these moments prove to you who you are and what you can mentally do.

I often think of Psyche, from Greek mythology, and the near-hopeless tasks she must perform with patience and deliberateness in order to win back her love. (Incidentally, I think we need to coin “deliberance” as a word. It makes that last sentence simply flow.) Psyche, who is always on task, proves her worth.

Today: peeling eggs, relating it to Greek mythology, and making up words. Tomorrow: I’m limitless. It’s time to get back up and write this book.

In the meantime, my first book, Upside Down Kingdom, is available on Amazon.