I spent the day on the road, driving my crates from the shipping dock north of Pittsburgh to my new  storage unit out in the country–roughly 25 miles each way. With four crates, I logged 12+ hours on the same two roads today, and I now know every inch of those roads, every hiding place of the speed trap police in their little SUV wagons, every driver who was naughty and who was nice, and I know that Shaler Township smells like Frankenberry cereal in the afternoon–thank you for that, by the way. And I know that the family restaurant northbound in Allison Park didn’t need a new dishwasher this afternoon; no, not until this evening. I also know where to go for my indoor garden tools, for my outdoor pond experience, and for my dentistry in the log cabin buildings with the spacious parking lot. I also know where all the road construction is, and especially the construction that involves all traffic condensing to one lane even though there are only cones and no actual construction happening… I saw innumerable signs of road closings and tar and chipping that is to happen starting tomorrow on all two of the roads I needed to travel from dock to storage.
I also know that it took great coordination on the part of many people, from shippers to movers to helpers to a major lack of accidents and near-misses these last 300 miles for me to get my trinkets and treasures from around the world to a location five minutes up the street from me, and I’m thankful.
To all of the miracles, great and small, that happened today:  You’re the reason for it all! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

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