I’m a nervous flyer, a nervous highway passenger, and don’t get me started on busses (and especially hayrides), and yet, I love to travel. So I travel anyway. About a decade ago, my sister and I devised a mantra for traveling that simply goes: Be brave, be brave! It’s sung to a sort-of marching cadence, with the accent on the “be.” It makes me smile.

photo-5At my parents’ house this morning, over the lip of my teacup, I saw a little silver ring on the kitchen counter in front of me. My Dad had found it on his early morning expedition (treasure hunting, metal detector, long story). The outside of the ring is inscribed, “Love life.” But the inside also has an inscription. I turned it around in my fingers and found that it says, “Be brave.”

(If it’s yours, please let me know. My Dad is big on returning found jewelry.)

As for me, I took it as a sign.

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