photo-2Well! I spent the entire day updating the language on my website and blog so they are more SEO-compliant. Special thanks to the Plug-In, Yoast SEO, for your brilliant downloaded help–otherwise everything would be, well, as it was yesterday.

Now, yesterday was great, but today, I have all these little green lights telling me that I’m okay. There’s something programmed into us that makes green lights so soothing. Now that I think about it, I basically spent the day playing the adult version of Red Light, Green Light with computer language.

I have accomplished greatness. And yet, I feel like I’ve made no forward progress. Why does required maintenance feel like such a challenge in patience? I’m ready to go, go, go, and I’m told instead to, “Sit still. One more second. Wait for it. There. After all that, now you’re finally on par.”

I’m examining many of these issues in my Maintenance Poems, a series of poetry about our working lives and how we get through our “daily grind” in order to maintain. (See my newly updated link for more projects on my writing desk.)

You know me by now; of course I found a way to connect my daily struggle to a poetic endeavor. Finding joy in the mundane, that’s me. And, truth be told, I enjoyed re-arranging all those words today. You know I did.

My first book, Upside Down Kingdom, is available on Amazon.