Boxes postA trip to the storage unit today reminded me that the writer brain never shuts off. I was looking for a series of binders that I’ll need for an upcoming project, and luckily, I only had to open half a dozen boxes before I found them. But to get to those boxes, I spent a long time re-arranging things in order to reach the right area. Move-in day, you’ll remember, was a lot of lifting and driving. Things got shoved haphazardly into the storage unit without much rhyme or reason.

As I shifted the boxes around today, I noticed, again, that most of them don’t play well with one another. Many of them are too heavy to stack; others are marked “Fragile” and can’t stack too high or hold much weight on top. And almost all of the various bread, fish, hospital, office supply, and all of the other free junk boxes I’d collected to hold my worldly possessions seemed to be an inch too large or too small to really fit well together. The storage unit itself is a puzzle to figure out, it’s a [losing] game of Tetris, and yet, at one point, I looked around and thought, “This is what writing looks like.”

Each of those boxes holds meaning. Each one has a different size and shape and value. I liked organizing them, rearranging, playing. I was careful not to force them where they didn’t want to go, the way I remind myself that the words need to line up on the page just right or they’ll clash. Not wanting them to crush one another in my absence, I lovingly arranged the boxes where they seemed to fit best. I didn’t need any surprises or typo discoveries.

The entire trip should have taken an hour at best, but I lingered with it and thought of each box as a favorite word. The storage unit is my own story, after all. It’s my life, condensed. And though it resembles a brilliant mess at this point, it’s only in the middle of the telling.

Boxes post~
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