Day's quotesForgive me. This blog has been in my pocket all day. We’ll see how much I can make out…

In this writer brain, poetry and prose pop into mind to get me through the day, as opposed to the music mantras that don’t come as often to me.

This morning, I was looking uphill at the mountain of things I needed to get done this day. (Some days feel like a battle.) And I started thinking, [S]he’ll remember with advantages what feats [s]he did that day… We few, we happy few… –Shakespeare’s Henry V

After that, what else could I do? I dove into the writing. But soon enough, I had to go punch my timecard, away from the writing desk. On my way, I got stuck in some traffic, and I thought about all the things waiting back home for me to write them. As ideas popped into my head—some of them overwhelming in their demand on my bitty time, I thought them through and decided they were important enough that I would find the time. And I thought, Hop into the boat, Richard Parker. That’s not a direct quote from Life of Pi, just something I say to myself when I’ve just taken on more than I think I can handle.

In the afternoon, I found myself treading the same path, over and over again. And I thought of myself as a caged animal, dreaming of freedom, dreaming of the world. –Upside Down Kingdom

As the day turned into night, I wondered why on earth I was still there, not at my writing desk doing what I love. And I thought, The world was always yours; you would not take it. –Archibald MacLeish (I love this quote because it makes me think the world is possible, if only I change my thinking a bit.)

On the way home, I mentally tried to walk myself through the code issue on my website. (Anyone want to add a slideshow for me?) I imagined my lack of understanding as a series of doors slamming shut around me. And then I thought, You were not given a spirit of timidity, but one of power. –2 Timothy 1:9

That quote never fails to bolster my hopes.

And finally, back home again to my work, my love, my solace, I type and think about all the things I’ll write tomorrow, from Zombie Sonnets (Zombies at the Vineyard!) to a chase scene for John Baker to scrutinizing my outline for my next book of historical fiction.

I sit here, typing, looking back at my day and thinking about Our Town. Yes, Our Town. Emily asks the question, Does anyone ever realize life as they live it? Every minute?

The answer comes: The saints and poets maybe, they do some.  And I want to thank Thornton Wilder for putting that into words.

Tomorrow, my words and I will spend a lot more time together. Then again, perhaps tomorrow is too far away to wait. Let’s get to it.

Jody Brown is the author of Upside Down Kingdom, and is a multi-blogger, poet, and traveler. Her current writing projects, including her daily blog endeavor, #Project365, can be found at