September wrap up postFall is my favorite time of year. I love that first chill in the air, the changing color of the leaves, the start of football season, and the back-to-school feeling of mental engagement. Looking back through September’s posts, I can see fall’s changing, colorful, and focusing effects on my writing.

My personal favorites this month are A Barrier and a Path, The Larger Game, The Store of Nonessentials, and Seemingly From Nothing. Barrier came about as I was sitting up at night reading, just the way I wrote it in the post. The Larger Game gave me the opportunity to write about a cartoon that I’ve thought about for decades. The Store happened on a day when I ran errands and was running out of time to get to my writing before I had to be at work, and I honestly felt I had nothing to say that day. And then, on the last errand I ran (of course), there was the story. Knowing that the errand would take some time and that I had little of it, I knew I shouldn’t stop at my friend’s store. But I did anyway. And rather than closing the door on writing time that day, it presented an opportunity.

Behind the scenes, Seemingly From Nothing was written on the fly. I’d worked a quick morning shift that day and the plan was to return home to my writing desk when a coworker said she wasn’t feeling well. I offered to work her shift for her, an all-day shift that could run quite late, so I asked if I could have a small break between shifts to write, and that’s what I did. Seemingly From Nothing was written and posted from my phone as I stood in an empty, unused room in the building. I wrote by window-light, not daring to turn on the lights so that anyone would find me and break my concentration. I took the picture in the parking lot, knowing exactly what I was looking for and managing to find it. I’d love to tell you that post magically happened, from thin air, but really, it was an idea I’d been thinking about for a week, one that I even tried to write a couple times but couldn’t get to work out. For me, Seemingly felt much like when I wrote Barrier, that the words I’d been turning over in my mind for days suddenly came together just the way they were supposed to, and it was similar to the feeling of writing Store where, simply put, the time to write was now.

As always, the writing is only one side of the coin. You are the other side, making sure that what gets penned down gets picked back up again. Thank you! And I’d like to add a quick shout out to my Tumblr readers. I’m glad you’re all here.

I’ll see you tomorrow.


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