Season's end postGoodbye, Old Friend

Some of us own the world
Like a globe you can pick up at the mall—
And we can tuck it under our arm and carry it around
Until we tire of it

And we can be so nonchalant about the world
That we eventually give the globe to a friend to watch for us
while we meander
For a season, or two
Or we can set the globe in an old cedar chest
And forget where we put the key
Or we can put it on an attic shelf
And sell the house
Without a second thought
Such were our thoughts about the world

Young fools we were
Fools who never thought it would happen to us
Not again, at least,
Fools to think we could read the roadsigns
When now we see they’re in a language we don’t know

O Love!
We were drunk with your charm
In the summer of our youth
With all that green, the light dancing in the leaves,
The gentle touch of the breeze,
But these were never for us
We spun in a world for a time
That was always slipping away

And now that it’s gone, that old, dusty round globe,
We’ll never know how the lines have changed,
That the boundaries and divisions are ever shifting
Like the wrinkles in a beloved face
That you long to hold once more

Behind us is a memory that didn’t happen
The trees are now shrouded in mist
and we know their greens were not
as vivid as the final reds that will come

It’s not the same old, dusty world anymore
And acutely, we realize:
It was never ours in the first place
We reel from that and vow
Never to fall again
But we know,
that after a long, harsh winter,
the spring will lure us again
And the tricky globe
hiding in plain sight
will continue its spin


Jody Brown is the author of Upside Down Kingdom, and is a multi-blogger, poet, and traveler. Her current writing projects, including her daily blog endeavor, #Project365, can be found at