Grasshopper post - status quoStatus quo is life as we know it, the present state of affairs, the norm, if you will. And, quite frankly, it can be a bit of a hoodwink.

Despite its stately Latin suit, status quo translates to “the state in which.” This begs the question: It’s the state in which what? What happens? Because just when you grow accustomed to the status quo, it changes. Just when you adapt to the change, it changes again or even reverts back to its original form. Status quo jumps around like a grasshopper in the wind. And we silly humans chase after it, trying to “maintain” it. Whatever it is.

Status quo has adapted to mean different things to different situations. In restaurants and hospitals, status quo is organized chaos. In marketing, it’s keeping things as they are, rather than seeking more. In business, they say it can kill you.

We’ve given status quo a magical and dangerous connotation of being something better or worse than where we are right now. We spend our time trying to reach it, or trying to avoid it. With all this movement, one can’t help but wonder: Is there a present anymore, outside of a yoga class? The concept of status quo is spiraling out of control.

So we go back to the beginning, and look at the Latin. And something becomes obvious: The present state of affairs is now. It’s today. It always was and always will be. Strive for more, or strive for less, but know that now is what we’re given. So make it count. Don’t take for granted that you can fix it tomorrow, or that you can set things right next time. Now is it. And “the state in which” is open ended.

Jody Brown is the author of Upside Down Kingdom, and is a multi-blogger, poet, and traveler. Her current writing projects, including her daily blog endeavor, #Project365, can be found at