Hair Raising

photo by Dawn Sanborn Photography

Please, sit. This may come as a shock to you, but I’m putting it out there: I have pink hair. Not all pink, mind you, but a bold streak of magenta nestled into the blonde near my bangs. I call it pink lemonade. My hairdresser, Randy, and I would joke every time I went in that we needed to “pink it up.” And that we did.

If you just read that paragraph and are thinking, “You have pink hair. So what?” Let me say I love you for thinking that. Your nonchalance is exactly why I enjoy our friendship.

Here’s the thing… Recently, a woman asked me what my husband thought of my hair. In a lightning fast split second, a thousand thoughts raced through my brain. Thoughts like:

–Am I supposed to ask permission? Ha! Maybe that’s why I’m not married.

–It’s hair. It’s like buying groceries or shoes–or more closely to my purchases, plane tickets. It’s not like I bought a house.

–I was taught to form my own opinions and not to worry about what others think.

–I’m an artist. We’re all like this.

And, my favorite of the bunch:


Sometimes I’m even asked if my hair is pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. It’s not, though that’s an extremely worthwhile cause, especially if pink hair can in any way help our engineers to design mammography machines that aren’t medieval torture devices. (Ahem, engineers?)

I answered the woman, whose husband was beside her, as politely as I could, gently saying, “I never asked,” which is true. The only person I asked was my employer at the time, and she said, “Do it, as long as it won’t look tacky.” (You gotta love an employer who encourages your crazy ideas.)

I mentioned it to Randy and he laughed and said, “I would never make you look tacky.”

Today’s thought: Surround yourself with good people and you’ll be in good shape.

More on this tomorrow.

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