I WonderAfter a lot of morning and afternoon activities yesterday, late in the afternoon I finally settled in to watch some football at home. I hopped under a blanket, put my feet up, and settled in to a comfy chair. When they announced the starting lineup, I didn’t see a particular player for one of the teams and I wondered where he was. I wondered if he’d been traded, or if he were out with an injury, or maybe he’d retired for all I knew.

I reached for my phone to look him up, and realized my phone was charging in the kitchen. My laptop and tablet were charging in the dining room. And I chalk it up to being plain old lazy, but I decided not to track down my devices. Instead, I nestled further into the blanket and just simply watched the game, listening intently for any mention of that player while my mind wandered to all the possibilities for him.

I closed my eyes for a moment and tried to recall if anyone had talked about him lately, or if I’d seen anything in the headlines that he’d been traded. I certainly hadn’t seen any negative press.

I thought about asking, because certainly someone in the room would know, and if they didn’t, I thought about anyone I might know who followed that particular team, people I knew when I lived near that city, and where they might be now, since I haven’t been able to find some of them online. I didn’t ask any questions out loud, and I realized I was staying quiet because I was having too much fun following my thoughts. I thought about how it was not the answers but the questions that became important.

To be honest, I still haven’t looked up that player’s whereabouts. It’s one thing to have the world at your fingertips. It’s another, entirely, to have the world in your mind.

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