Daisy ImagesThis morning I hopped online to start my day and found last night’s Google search for daisy images still on my screen (the great daisy vs. chrysanthemum debate late yesterday needed to be solved with visual aids).

First thing this morning those little flower faces, all sunshiny and silly, and staring at me, caught my sleepy self off guard. On second glance, I saw that some seemed to be ogling the camera in clusters, vying for attention, and others looked as if they were doing bobble dances wind and I had a great and hearty laugh and a moment of gratitude for nonstop imagination before getting down to business.

I’m telling you, jumpstart the happy in your day by leaving yourself daisy images.

Start the day’s work by handing the keys over to imagination, seeing where it takes you, and thanking it for the ride. Wake up to your next great journey.

~My first book, Upside Down Kingdom, is available on Amazon. I’m working on the second.