The Spell is BrokenWhen I grew up, most of the kid movies included a magic spell put on the hero and the audience waited in anticipation for the spell to be broken so the hero could live the life meant for him. He (or she) would wake up just in the nick of time, and fight the source of the spell, win, and reclaim what was rightfully his.

I loved these movies. I think I became more anxious than most for the hero to wake up and take back his life, his dreams, and his plans.

I grew up, (mostly), and as an adult I’m amazed at the sheer number of people who aren’t living their dreams. For one reason or another, and sometimes they’re very good and unexpected reasons, we don’t live the lives we were meant to have. As a writer, I hear the conversations around me, and they usually include a lot of repetition in speech, from blaming others or a situation to taking on all of the responsibility for things out of one’s control. Either way, this kind of thinking is getting in the way.

In the movies, the way to break the spell always came from the source, i.e., the sorcerer, bad guy, or otherwise foul-motived villain. In life, luckily, we don’t have to wait for a third party to break the spell for us. Awesome as it sounds, and I do mean awesome in its impressive and daunting sense, it’s all up to us. We can break these spells of self-doubt over launching into something risky, find the little light within that whispers, “You can,” and believe it, because the voice within is different for everyone, distinctive for what we’re each meant to do, and only heard by the intended recipient. Our dreams are all different. Remember yours. Break the spell. Take back your life.books post

For a great story about finding and reclaiming your dreams in the midst of a chaotic life, pick up a copy of Upside Down Kingdom. It’s historical fiction, and a work of hope.