Opening a New DoorThroughout elementary school, lots of kids had moved in and out of the area. They’d show up in class one day, shy and mysterious, or nervous and class clowny, but either way, they managed to make the class different than it had been the day before. And I thought that if I were ever the new kid, I could do anything, be anyone. And I could walk in having had a life that no one could have imagined, a life from somewhere else.

I wanted a new bedroom; I wanted to look at four new walls every night. I wanted to be in a strange new place, and I was curious to meet the people that called this foreign place home. So, of course, when I was nine years old and my parents asked me what I thought of our family’s impending move, I told them I couldn’t wait. We moved to that new town. And I think I’ve been moving ever since.

Cleaning out some old computer files today, I found a folder called Moving. It’s full of documents from different moves I’ve made. These documents are arduous lists of places where I needed to change my address along with eclectic descriptions of moving boxes and their contents (organized by a box numbering system I devised according to room), some detailed reasons for moving to and from, and of course, the documents have catchy titles like, “The Great Move,” “The Next Great Move,” and “The Move North.”

On one hand, the entire folder is filled with details of the mundane. Who likes moving (except for me)? On the other, it’s a folder that acts as a chronicle to my penchant for picking up my life and changing its geography, keeping a bit of focus in the endeavor, and the excitement of opening a new door to discover the feeling of walking across that threshold. A renowned sage man in England once told me, “You open doors in your life, Jody. You come to a closed door, open it, and you walk right through.” Yes, yes I do.

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