Marking the Miles, November
I’m a bit surprised that November has come and gone. These past 30 days have flown by, and for me, even writing seems to have flown by.

I have so many favorite pieces this month, from Not Set in Stone to Tunnel Vision to Ever Vigilant and I Wonder. These were all fairly straight-forward writings, without hidden meanings or convoluted language. From memories to life’s details examined, I enjoyed telling the stories, and hopefully making a point and getting the words just right.

Here’s a secret for you, though: I wrote Quarters on Ice solely because of the picture. I love that picture, and risked frostbite in -30 temps to take off my gloves in order to take that photo last winter. I’ve stared at it often this past year, and this month, finally wrote something. I’m happy the way it turned out.

Mid-month, I examined some of my own bizarre thinking lately, which is why I wrote The Underdog Trap. Sure, we all have the ability to set ourselves up to fail, but once we realize we’re doing it, we can make a turn to a positive direction—or, at least I think so. And if I understand my own thinking well enough to write about it, and then the issue itself, the snare, becomes something that I know how to avoid. I suppose Underdog is a true blog, in the “old school” sense that it was my own diary web log that day.

Similarly, the traumatic thinking in Unchecking the D Box started as a natural enough comment that I couldn’t shake. It seemed to require a spotlight. The only way I know how to do that is by writing.

Gypsy Thanksgiving is by far my favorite, I think because of the specific details in the memories coupled with the overall tone of gratitude. It was a joy to write.

Here’s to more joy and more writing. Thank you for reading me. I appreciate that you do.

I’ll see you right here tomorrow.