Monday Relief Valentin Yotkov

relief by Valentin Yotkov

It’s finally here! I’m in metal class this week, after months of waiting, an inbox stuffed with planning emails, the gathering of my class supplies, and a plane ride across the snowy country. I’m at the home of my good friends, attending my second course of chasing and repoussé, the ancient art of creating relief forms in metal [i.e. hammering metal with very specialized, handmade tools]. (For previous chasing and repoussé blogs, see Alteration, The Chasing Hammer, and Under the Boar’s Head…)

I have been looking forward to this class, this trip, seeing these friends, and learning again under the instruction of master metalsmith Valentin Yotkov for so long now that even though the class is hard work, I feel as though I’m embarking on a great vacation.

So here it is, Monday, and I feel as though it’s the start of a great weekend.

Monday ReliefThese days, even without the challenge of this particular class before me, I happen to embrace most Mondays. And I remember a time, a few years ago, when I absolutely dreaded them. Back then on a regular basis, on Sunday afternoon I would be sick to my stomach thinking about another week of working my high stress job that I just hated. I knew even then that this feeling was a very bad sign. I knew it. And it still took me a long time to do anything about it. But I did. And that’s really all that matters.

Monday. The beginning of the week, and this one happens to be the beginning of a brand new month. The time is always good for a new start.

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