The Do-OverI’ve rewritten yesterday a little bit, and I offer my apologies for the disjointed thoughts. Apparently blogging from the passenger seat of a car on the hills of Pittsburgh with the music on and your friend driving and trying to talk to you is a recipe for some crazy nonsense. But what fun!

The last thing I want is to send out written junk into the world, even well-intentioned written junk. But what’s done is done and I’ll accept it as a learning experience, which is life, after all. Daily writing calls for crafting thoughts in the most unlikely of places, and especially under some duress-building circumstances. It’s a constant sending out into the world, even when you’re not your ideal, living-in-a-plastic-bubble self.

I acknowledge that we only get one chance to make a first impression. But experience tells us time and again that how we handle ourselves is what makes memorable moments.

Recently, I took a close look at a situation in my life that needed some changing. Sprucing up, if you will. And I realized that what I was feeling about it was a snowball of confusion, anger, and sadness, rolling itself straight downhill. As my little nephew Miles would say as he checks blood pressure with his toddler doctor kit, “Not good.” He adds a slow headshake for effect.

Like the snowball, I wanted to curl myself up and hold onto all those negative feelings. But I also knew it wasn’t doing anyone any good. What I needed was a remedy to overcome the worst spirits.

I knew exactly what to do, though it was not easy to implement. I’m hoping that though the first step was a doozy, that it gets easier to do the more I try it: I realized that I could continue to feel hurt and angry and confused, or I could stand down and love. So that’s what I did. And I stopped worrying about what would happen next.

Give a gift this holiday season to someone else or even to yourself, the gift of the do-over. Stand down, and love.

My thanks for putting up with me yesterday,