Vantage Point LightsThis time of year, we drive through neighborhoods decorated with lights and blown-up animals all over the yards. During the day, I see all the extension cords running power to the lights and the various woodland, cartoon, holiday, and sports characters are deflated and lying flat on the lawns like neglected children’s toys.

Such a difference between day and night when these same lawns and houses are transformed into twinkle lights and smiling, bright creatures.

A friend of mine who lives out of state likes to tell me how sunny it is where he lives. I like to tell him how cloudy it is here and he says to me, “Well, good! We both get what we want.” Yes, indeed.

It’s important not to rule out the dark places simply because they’re not chock full of light. There are still some things better seen from the darkness. Things like stars.

Things like lights.

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