Address ChangesI’m sending out holiday cards, late as usual. And I’m amazed at my friends on my card list who have not changed their addresses in the past couple years, and equally amazed at the friends who have moved around. Why the amazement, I don’t know. I move around all the time, and I imagine that’s annoying to anyone sending me a card. Yet I love the movement. And for my friends who haven’t changed addresses recently, I sat this morning and imagined what that would be like, to look around at my own space and know it’s mine, and mine for good. Perhaps the gypsy in me would sit down and enjoy a cup of tea. Or perhaps she’d walk the halls restlessly, hoping to put things into boxes yet again.

A relative of mine sent me a note a few months back, a very nice note that said he was proud of me for my wandering purpose and for following my dreams. His note came as a response to my own note sent to him, reminding him how much comfort he could take from knowing he had a great job that he enjoyed and financial security to choose vacation destinations and what color new truck he’d like. The grass is always greener.

But if we consider today, exactly where we are right now, to be the beginning of our next adventure, be it making a change or be it better appreciating what’s around us in the first place, then today is not so bad. Yes, most things in the past led up to this, but that doesn’t make this the end of the road, and certainly not the end of the journey. To make a change, we simply start today. And we remember this, right now–half-finished projects and walls that need painting and dreams about travel and kids and grandkids–as our jumping off point. Absorb today, in all its good and unfinishedness, and kindly step forward into your own.

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