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photo-3Twice yesterday I felt you tug at me
I felt you pull away from me,
in the afternoon,
and once in the evening
It felt as if you pulled away, as if the
chords connecting us had been broken,
and you were drifting away while I stood
solid on the ground

I want to feel bad about it,
I want to miss you, to tell
you not to go,
I want to get myself worked up
so I can grieve
and hope to find peace afterwards

But, strangely,
I don’t do these things
The breaking
of the chords seems so natural—
a natural progression of things—
not something I should feel bad about,
just something to acknowledge

Perhaps it’s not you
who is tugging at me
Perhaps it’s me doing the tugging,
snapping the chords so you can float freely
and I can stand solid and firm

Perhaps this is why,
when I stood in the woods,
feeling our separation and the
strings dangling at my sides,
connecting me to no one,

I felt perfectly fine

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The Early Fraction

Among various projects, I’m editing the first draft of my manuscript, The Forty. (That’s the working title.) Here’s an excerpt:

Bob, the cat, likes to paw at your hip when you’re sitting in a chair.  He squeaks as he touches you to get your attention, but when you try to pick him up, he runs away.

I tried to pet him, but he flopped over and played with my purse that was on the floor, seemingly uninterested in me.  This happened over and over again.

Finally, his owners came home and I asked them what he was up to.


“That’s his way of asking you to scratch his back,” I was told.  “If you pet his back, then he’ll do somersaults and you can sometimes pet his belly.”

I looked at Bob, “Why didn’t you just say that?”

We’re not always good at asking for what we want. But asking is only a fraction of it, and a late fraction at that. The early fraction, the beginning, is figuring out what we want. Bob knows.

My first book, Upside Down Kingdom, is available on Amazon.

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