photoAfter our Sunday School finale this week, Miss Jennifer gave me flowers on behalf of our class to wish me well on my move. Now the welcoming spring scent of these orange tulips is changing the very air of my house. She also gave me an armload of farewell cards that the kids made for me. She’s immensely thoughtful.

As she and I looked through the cards on Sunday, I saw each kid’s personality in them. Miss Jennifer told them to put their names on the back, but I didn’t need the names to know who would draw a space alien, a monster, a monster crushing an alien, a turtle with a cartoon blurb saying “Ouch” as flowers landed on his head, a trail of elephants with their friends saying goodbye under the stars, and a riddle.

The riddle says, “I’m not putting my name on this card. You have to guess who I am. I’ll give you a hint: My name starts with an A. It ends with an A. And there’s a [this letter looked a lot like a W, but I couldn’t make it out] in the middle. Do you know me yet?”

Of course I do. And yes, her name starts with an A. The rest of the riddle is a bit dicey because the letters don’t match her

Knowing a child by name is a duty. Knowing them by their drawings is a privilege and an honor. And there’s only one person in our class whose mind works in riddles, and she’s exactly the one who would devise a riddle with fake clues.

Thanks, Allie. And special thanks to Miss Jennifer and our entire Sunday School class for making this an awe-inspiring year. My hope is that these idea-filled kids were able to learn even a fraction of the great things they managed to teach.

My first book, Upside Down Kingdom, is available on Amazon. I’ll sign it for you.