At today’s Teacher Brunch for the Sunday School, our director asked us about any surprising challenges that came up through the course of the year.

The usual suspects came up: cohesiveness with the high school group, attendance with the same group, shuffling of grades to reduce other class sizes, learning the curriculum (for the youngest groups because they have their own system), and the like.

SundaySchoolThen it was my turn. My class was awesome, so the biggest challenge I had this year–which was actually quite fun–was that one little boy refused to color. Because he didn’t enjoy it, he incited the other kids to riot over the coloring. None of them would color. So we tried out puzzles and crosswords, and found that mazes worked the best for everyone.

As for the little boy, who was one of the youngest in the class, I chatted him up in the hallway one day and told him, “You’re a natural leader. Kids listen to you. One day, men will follow you. You must decide to use your powers for good or for evil. Choose wisely.”

To this, he gave a perfect second grade lament, “What are you saying???”

One of the teachers at the meeting today said, “That’s when you say, ‘I think youknow.’”

I think I’d actually said something dull like, “Eh, get back to class.”

But next time—and it will come—I’ve got this.

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