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“Serve coffee in this town and you’ll see it all: the politicians, the students, the cross-dressers, the soldiers, the artists, people with influence and people who claw for influence, the protestors, the media, the tourists, the activists… the very heartbeat of the city itself…”

                        –Amy Ashe

 Amy Ashe arrived in Washington,D.C. straight from college in 2000, responsible, mild-mannered, and wry-humored. Her kind-hearted new boss is usually away from the office, leaving her alone with her conniving, bipolar coworker, and her crazy roommates make her home life almost as bad.

 Unable to escape her work contract or her lease, she decides to take on an evening waitress job at a new hotspot called the Upscale. It’s here, working among the artists, dropouts, workaholics, sexual deviants, and addicts that she finds acceptance and learns to listen to her own, often humorous, inner voice.

 Armed with new confidence, she begins making the changes that her life needs. After September 11, she questions the meaning behind everything she does, and decides she’s ready to begin working at an Upscale inDupont Circle, what she considers to be “the big time.” There, friends, mayhem, and heartbreak bring Amy full circle, and point the way for her life.

 With Washington, D.C.’s pulsing backdrop of chaotic and tragic events between the years 2000-2002, Amy’s orderly world is turned upside down–where walking out on the job was the last thing she ever expected of herself, and the most responsible thing she’d ever done.

Upside Down Kingdom is available at,,, and Barnes and Noble Apache Mall in Rochester, Minnesota

The book is out!! Upside Down Kingdom, about a Dupont Circle waitress in 2000-02 Washington, D.C.

It’s available at,, and

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